If you are an executor of a Will of a deceased person, you may need a Grant of Probate in order to deal with their assets and confirm your authority to manage the estate. Applying for Probate involves submitting an application, together with the original Will, to the Supreme Court of Western Australia.  

Unlike services offering document kits or templates, our experienced probate lawyers will prepare your application and take responsibility for seeing it through. Contact us to get started.

Probate on the spot  $595

In most cases, we can prepare and finalise your Probate application at a short consultation with our lawyers at our Perth offices. After your consultation, we will file the application at the Court and let you know as soon as we receive the Grant.

Unable to attend our office? We can handle the matter by telephone and mail – please contact us.

Our fixed fee includes:

  • meeting with our legal team;
  • preparing an application by the executor named in the Will;
  • preparing renunciation or consent forms (if required) for any executor not attending the conference;
  • signing and witnessing your application;
  • Court filing;
  • giving you the Grant.

Our fixed fee excludes:

  • Court filing fee ($344).

What to bring to the consultation:

  • your photo identification;
  • original Will;
  • original death certificate;
  • the completed checklist.
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Complex applications   Quoted fees

If your application is complex, for example the original Will has been lost or has not been executed correctly (informal Will), we can give you a quote for the preparation of your application. Book a consultation to get started.

If the executor named in the Will is unwilling or unable to apply for a grant of Probate, a beneficiary named in the Will can apply for a grant of Letters of Administration with the Will Annexed.

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